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You use your car every day, so you can't afford to have a cracked windshield. Because even if it's small, a windshield crack can create a major safety hazard as it weakens the glass and makes it much easier for an object to break through. This could lead to more damage and a potentially serious injury for you or your passengers.

A-Canadian Autobody & Mechanical Centre offers auto glass repair in Calgary so you and your vehicle aren't at risk. Our crack repair and windshield replacement services give you a long-lasting solution to your window damage after an accident or weather event. We use effective techniques to detect and repair cracks and chips, even small ones. We also assess the vehicle for other weather damages and offer rust repair for the same. Our fast repair and replacement process is designed to take as little out of your day as possible. We know that you have a busy schedule, so we'll do everything we can to quickly get you back on the road. Also, don't forget that we offer free towing and a courtesy car when needed!


As we stated above, windshield cracks and chips can easily grow in size and spread across your whole windshield if they're left untreated. So instead of a quick fix, you'll now have a much bigger – and costlier – problem on your hands. Additionally, a windshield provides structural support for your vehicle. If the windshield has enough damage, it could impact the integrity of your roof or pop out during a collision instead of protecting you. Water may also find its way into your car through a chip or crack in the glass and lead to rust damages. In such cases, we offer rust repair as well.

We can quickly seal or eliminate cracks before they cause these problems and more. Please keep in mind that there are some situations where your windshield will need to be replaced rather than repaired. They are as follows:

  • If the chip or crack can't be covered by a dollar bill

  • If the chip is directly in the driver's line of sight

  • There are more than three cracks or chips

  • The damage is at the edge of the windshield

  • If the windshield is pitted from sand, salt or other objects

Our trained technicians will examine your windshield and provide effective windshield & auto glass repair. 


Sometimes damage has taken a toll on your windshield and windows and a repair isn't even an option. In these situations, we'll provide a full replacement. With our comprehensive window and windshield replacement in Calgary, we can work on most vehicle makes and models. If we don't have your type of windows in stock, we'll locate them as quickly as possible in order to begin service. And no matter the severity of the damage, we can also work with your insurance company to get your claim taken care of. There is no deductible on most insurance claims.

Our state-of-the-art facility uses the latest technology and resources to make your vehicle look and perform as it did before it sustained any damage. If you need to repair or replace the windshield or windows, call us at 403-253-0511 today.


Get a free estimate and a free courtesy car.

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