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You drive responsibly. Even when you have the right of way, you look both ways before driving through an intersection. You come to a full and complete stop at stop signs. You diligently adhere to posted speed limits as well. However, even if you do these things, a split-second lapse in attention or another driver's negligence could cause an accident. Inclement weather can also lead to an accident at any time.

Because you need your vehicle to go to work, run errands and transport your family around, an accident could prove inconvenient, if not devastating. But you don't have to let an accident keep you from your obligations if you seek collision repair in Calgary from A-Canadian Autobody & Mechanical Centre. Area residents have trusted us for years for quality repairs and excellent customer service, and we're proud to be here helping you.

The most common types of accidents that we see are rear-end and front-end collisions. A rear-end collision typically damages your car's bumper, trunk, fenders, and taillights, but it may depend on the height of your vehicle. In a front-end collision, damage is usually centred on the bumpers, grill, hood, and headlights. Again, the severity of the damage may depend on the height of your vehicle.


After any collision, you should always bring your vehicle to an auto body collision repair shop. Aside from the obvious damage, there could be unseen problems that can pose a threat to your vehicle and your safety.


When you experience an accident and need a collision repair in Calgary, call us for help as soon as you can. We offer free towing across the Calgary area, and we'll give you a replacement vehicle to use while we repair yours.

After we analyze the damage on your car, we'll put it back together using the following services:

  • Brake, tire, and alignment repairs or replacements

  • Windshield and window repairs or replacements

  • Frame work and detailing repairs

  • New, long-lasting paint jobs

  • Repairing dents

  • Welding

Depending on the severity of the damage, we may be able to repair your vehicle without replacing any parts. If parts are needed, we'll locate quality parts in a timely fashion. But no matter what, by the time we finish, you'll be able to safely take your car back out on the road without worry. We can also help you with your insurance claim so you can reduce or eliminate your deductible. You have enough to deal with in this stressful time, and we'll do everything we can to provide further assistance.


For over 26 years, we have proudly helped our neighbours with collision repair. Calgary residents can depend on us to repair their cars and reduce the hassle associated with vehicular accidents. We also offer free estimates for your convenience. No appointment is required.

If you would like to learn more about our repair service or arrange for towing or a replacement car, give us a call at 403-253-0511.


Get a free estimate and a free courtesy car.

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